Latest Apple holiday ad features the iPhone X and AirPods

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Apple is known for tugging at your heartstrings during the holiday shopping season. So perhaps we should say that Apple is known for pulling at both your heart and purse strings during the holidays. This year, Apple has some new products to splash across your television set and mobile screens. First among them, of course, is the Apple iPhone X, which stars in the spot along with the Bluetooth powered AirPods.

It's a snowy afternoon in the city and young woman is walking on the sidewalk listening to some tunes through her AirPods. She whips out her new iPhone X and we see that she has been listening to "Palace" from Sam Smith's album, The Thrill of it All. All of a sudden, the sky goes dark and a spotlight is aimed at our heroine, who starts dancing to the music. But she isn't paying attention and runs smack into some guy who becomes her love interest for the rest of the ad. She takes one of the AirPods out of her ear and gives it to him so that they can both perform some sort of synchronized number.

As they dance their way around town, there is one amazing flip (you'll know what we're referring to when you see it). And just as they about to kiss, the sky brightens, the spotlight disappears and they both go their own way. Cue the tag line: "move someone this holiday." In other words, the iPhone X and AirPods make wonderful holiday gifts for those special "someones" on your holiday shopping list.

source: Apple

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