LINE Launcher now available for Android devices, combines cuteness with functionality

Although LINE Corporation is best known as the company behind LINE, the free call and instant messaging app that rivals WhatsApp at the global level, the company has just announced a totally different Android app today. As the name suggests, LINE Launcher is an app that allows Android users to customize their home screens and keep monotony at bay by customizing various aspects of the user interface.

If this sounds familiar to you, that's because LINE Corporation also makes a similar product called LINE Deco. Unlike Deco, however, which is more of a collection of home screens, the LINE Launcher comes jam packed with all the customization features that you'd expect from a fully-fledged Android launcher, such as widgets, a battery power monitor shaped as a white bunny rabbit, a quick way of freeing up the RAM memory by tapping on a bear icon, and, naturally, a range of 3000 free themes to choose from. 

On the visual side, the launcher combines traditional LINE characters such as Brown, Cony, and Sally with more general themes like scenery, nature, and animals. We have yet to fully explore all of the content that's available in LINE Launcher, but at a first glance, it looks like there are a bunch of possibilities to explore.

One of the highlights of LINE Launcher is what the company calls a "comprehensive search engine" that will simultaneously search through web pages, contacts, and local apps all at once. While it's definitely not surprising to see Android launchers offering a universal search feature, this is a welcome addition nonetheless.

What do you guys think? Are you pleased with the cute and fuzzy look of the LINE Launcher, or will you stick to more serious-looking Android launchers for the moment?

source: Line



1. fatexo

Posts: 221; Member since: May 21, 2010

This was the Dodol launcher before.. They changed the name to Line launcher with some UI improvements.. Great launcher tho.. Using it currently.

3. killerpollo

Posts: 89; Member since: May 15, 2015

Totally, love the simplicity.

2. dazzmichael

Posts: 71; Member since: Sep 15, 2014

Been using this launcher, its great with lots of tweaks. Its the best so far for me.

4. JaneDoe2007

Posts: 5; Member since: Sep 26, 2014

It used to be called Dodol launcher, they just changed the name. It's the best launcher I ever tried, but it lacks a weather widget of its own to go with the theme. That was my only complaint.

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