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LG's next flagship will continue to use an LCD display to cut costs

LG's next flagship will continue to use an LCD display to cut costs
There will be no OLED display for the LG G7, or whatever name the South Korean company chooses for its upcoming flagship. Although OLED displays are thinner and have a higher energy efficiency, they cost twice or thrice the price of an LCD.

Market analysts say the LG G7 is likely to adopt an LCD display to cut costs since the company's mobile division has been in the red for quite a while. While more and more smartphone makers are switching to OLED displays, the cost for the latter is still too high to justify the switch, so there's no need to rush the transition.

It's been previously reported that LG's next flagship will boast an MLCD+ display that's supposed to consume 35% less power than a regular LCD display. On top of that, this type of display should offer better brightness.

LG's decision to continue to use LCD displays for its G series may have something to do with Apple iPhone X's presumably lower than expected sales, one of the not so many smartphones that embed an OLED display.

The V30 is LG's first smartphone to sport an OLED display, but it's yet unclear if the South Korean company will continue to use it for its next V series phone.

source: The Investor, TechnoBuffalo (image credits)
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