LG’s rollable phone is back in the game

LG rollable
For a few months now, the future of LG's teased rollable phone has been rather questionable, as was the future of the company itself. After years of middling sales, struggling behind the more popular brands like Apple and Samsung, January 2021 arrived with the revelation that the LG mobile division could potentially be sold—and the offers started piling in. 

The only thing we could be certain about these weeks was uncertainty, as that is all the company could tell us. The news of the potential sale of LG brought down many hopes around the revolutionary rollable phone's rumored March release, and although LG has maintained that the phone is still in development, the speculations and excitement had significantly died down over the past weeks. 

Today, however, mysmartprice caught on to a new listing that was just published to the Bluetooth SIG website, naming an "LG Rollable" with model number LM-R910N. With a phone whose label leaves no room for ambiguity having just received official Bluetooth 5.2 certification, this is adequate proof that we should consider LG's rollable smartphone an up-and-coming player in the near future.

Thanks to past leaks and a patent, we've already rounded up quite a bit information surrounding LG's groundbreaking rollable phone. One of the more innovative features it is sure to have is a second display on the back, separate from the main 7.4-incher, rendering the back camera more convenient for taking high-quality selfies—as you will be able to see yourself in the smaller screen. The main display's resolution, when rolled out, is set to be 1600 × 2428 pixels with a 3:2 aspect ratio.

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Apart from that, we know the smartphone's camera module will probably hold three vertically-aligned cameras, at least one of which is expected to be ultra-wide. The phone will probably sport a 4200 mAh battery as well, powering the shiny new Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC, and 16GB of RAM. 

Thanks to mysmartprice, we also know from the Korean publication Naver that the rollable model's release is likely to be delayed until September, instead of March as was originally expected. This is because LG has been having certain difficulties in perfecting the "method of interlocking the display with the phone housing which is supposed to roll out with the rolling slider," and dealing with durability issues has also contributed to the delay.

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