LG shows how it made the V30 wallpapers in behind-the-scenes video

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Here's a question: last time you bought a new phone, did you pay any attention to its stock wallpaper? Chances are you didn't — either you're the type of person who immediately changes it to something of their own liking, or the one which couldn't care less about something as superficial as a wallpaper.

That, however, hasn't stopped companies' in-house design teams from pouring hours of work into devices' wallpapers — after all, they're the de facto face of a device across most of its marketing materials, which makes them pretty important, even if they often go unnoticed.

And beginning with this year's G6, LG has started utilizing the creation of said wallpapers as an ad opportunity of sorts: a couple of months back, the company released a behind-the scenes video of how it made the G6's stock wallpaper, and now, it's doing the very same thing for its upcoming V30.

What's most surprising here is that both of these videos showcase an almost entirely analog workflow, which seems a bit curious given how the final results look like they were whipped up in Photoshop. Still, if the end result is good, that means the effort was worth it, right?

In the video, we can see several different color variants of the wallpaper, each one likely destined for its own V30 color. This includes the default dark-blue-and-peach one we've already seen in the leaked render from a couple of days back, as well as a pretty sweet black-and-white one, a purple-and-blue one, and more. And an added nice touch is that the video itself is shot in a 2:1 ratio, the same one that will be present in the device itself.

The LG V30 will be unveiled on August 31, one day ahead of this year's IFA expo in Berlin. Unlike its predecessors in the V series, it will do away with the second screen idea entirely, and will instead sport a tall, FullVision display with curved angles, similar to the LG G6's. We know a fair bit of info about the device already, so make sure to read our LG V30 rumor review to get the full picture.

source: LG

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