Behind-the-scenes video reveals how LG G6 wallpapers were made

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The LG G6 has new wallpapers. Big deal, right? Who cares? Well, I do, but not many geeks will confess to you that they obsess over their wallpaper too much. Benchmarks and performance? Much more important. What might be surprising to you, though, is that posts about wallpapers consistently rank as one of the articles that get the most views here on PhoneArena. It seems that there is a secret fascination - well, maybe at least not an explicit one - with new wallpapers.

That's why I was not terribly surprised to see the amount of effort that LG took, the days of work and consideration that went into making the new LG G6 wallpapers. The company has posted a fascinating behind-the-scenes video that tells us all about the process of making the new LG G6 wallpapers. It's an interesting thing to watch to get an insight in the level of effort that goes in even more minute details of a smartphone the rank of the G6. Take a look right above, and feel free to scroll the official G6 wallpapers below.

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