LG says 'no' to all those boring wearables... with the stylus bracelet

In the Year of the Wearable, you will never guess what LG has in store for us, just in time for the summer fashion show. How about a colored bracelet, that turns into a stylus for your phablet of choice?

Yep, according to renowned tipster @evleaks, that's exactly what LG might unleash on our unsuspecting wrists. It's obvious that this stylus bracelet has nothing to do with LG's Lifeband Touch. That one has an OLED display to show time, biometric data, notifications, and music controls for your smartphone. The stylus bracelet... well, it looks like something you wear on your wrist, until the urge to doodle on your G Pro 2 phablet takes over the last bits of sanity left in you.

The contraption itself looks very similar to those bracelets you just slap on your hand, and they twist around it on the spot. Then, when inspiration strikes, you unwrap the thingy, and start using it as an alternative input method. Sounds like a pretty unorthodox idea, but let's wait to see if/when LG will announce the stylus bracelet wearable, and take it from there. What do you think of this concept?

source: @evleaks (Twitter)
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