LG puts up a "2nd generation quad-core" teaser site, talks a phone with Adreno 320 graphics in a video

LG puts up a "2nd generation quad-core" teaser site, talks a phone with Adreno 320 graphics in a video
Alright, despite the Qualcomm claims that its quad-core APQ8064 chipset with "Krait" cores and Adreno 320 graphics processor is mainly for tablets, it is seemingly fit for smartphones as well, since the rumors of upcoming devices with the silicon are now reaching their peak.

After Qualcomm confirmed a quad-core LG phone with this Adreno 320 GPU is coming, now LG itself has also spilled the beans on the alleged Optimus G, putting a corporate teaser website up for the world to see. The first video is also up, but apart from the "S4 Pro", "Adreno 320 3x [faster]", and "40% CPU [performance increase]" international chipset terminology and graphics, we couldn't grasp much other details. 

There are slots for five more videos on the website, though, so there will be some wait until LG takes the wrap off the rumored 4.7" quad-core beast with multimode LTE/HSPA+ radio, 2GB of RAM and 13MP camera. 

Or, as Google Translate puts it: "Existing quad-core compared to more than 40 percent and improved CPU performance, more than three times the enhanced graphics, strongest LTE phone powered by Qualcomm's second-generation quad-core LG Electronics, which boasts the most power efficient for you soon find goes.

"Soon find goes" is what keeps us all wired up we'll see this for the holidays here. If anyone can translate from Korean, please chime in down below in the comments, although the main take is clear - specswise, we are waiting for one monster of a handset from LG.

source: LG via TheVerge


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