LG poised to intro wireless charging strategy for its smartphones, starting off with the D1L

LG poised to intro wireless charging strategy for its smartphones, starting off with the D1L
According to the Korean publication ETNews, which has had some pretty spot-on reporting in the past when it comes to the LG and Samsung, something big is brewing on the wireless charging front from LG. 

After we heard that Samsung was mulling whether to provide wireless charging standard with the Galaxy S3, or as a separate accessory, now the newspaper reports that LG is planning to introduce a whole such strategy for its smartphones next month. LG is no stranger to wireless charging with its pad for the Revolution, but it's apparently decided to take this to the next level.

Starting it all off, as far as we could understand from the translation, will be the rumored LG D1L, which seems to be simply the Optimus 4X HD we handled at the MWC expo not long ago, but with Snapdragon S4 and LTE. LG allegedly said it consumes 20-30% less power, and the wireless charging coil will be incroporated in the chassis, not provided as a separate bulky back cover, like what we've had so far.

For more information you can read our dedicated article on the technology and recent developments in wireless charging for our gadgets. LG reportedly said it will be as efficient as regular charging, so it might be based on that Fujitsu solution we expected to be commercially available in 2012.

source: ETNews (translated)


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