Cut the cords - Fujitsu to bring truly remote wireless charging to cell phones in 2012

Cut the cords - Fujitsu to bring truly remote wireless charging to cell phones in 2012
 We are fine with our phone chargers the way they are now. They are getting slimmer, and, recently, you just need a short cable and an USB port to top up your device. Current wireless charging solutions are cool, but not very practical, as you still have to place the phone on the charger, like in the case of the Powermat, for example. 
Fujitsu has created a demo cell phone unit with small wireless charging receiver inside, which can be placed at more than ten feet from the station, and still juice up. Multiple devices can be topped up simultaneously with this magnetic resonance technology, regardless of how they are placed in reference to the station.
The Japanese plan to ready the breakthrough for the mass market in 2012, at first in cell phones and other gadgets. Remote wireless charging will be developed for larger tasks as well, such as charging the electric car in your garage, for example. More details will be spilled by the company at today's IEICE conference in Osaka. You go, Fujitsu!

source: AkhibaraNews



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