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LG and Samsung have each sold 20 million touchscreen phones worldwide

LG and Samsung have each sold 20 million touchscreen phones worldwide
Korean electronics manufacturers LG and Samsung have sold more than 20 million touchscreen phones each worldwide, according to a story in the Telecoms Korea News Service. The benchmark was hit Sunday and took each firm roughly two years to hit the 20 million mark. Samsung has had some big winners lately melding their widget based TouchWiz UI with the Windows Mobile OS on phones like the Samsung Omnia. The Instinct was a very successful offering in the U.S. and the follow up model, the Instinct s30 had been just recently released. Looking to the future, Samsung has just announced its first Android based phone, the i7500, which we reported could be soon headed for T-Mobile USA.

LG is considered the Father of the modern touchscreen device with the very popular PRADA that was sold in Europe. A Prada sequel has been released, although the unit did not get great reviews. Over the last 2 years, LG has produced some very popular U.S. touchscreen phones with the Voyager and the Dare. The LG Cookie was a monster in Europe, Asia and Latin America as 2 million units sold quickly, and the LG ARENA might turn out to be the best selling LG model of them all. The future looks bright for LG in the States as the enV Touch (aka the Voyager 2) should be out shortly.

It sure looks like the touchscreen market is sizzling hot right now and we still have other manufacturers getting ready to come to market with new models like the Palm Pre, and revamped models like the BlackBerry Storm 2.

source: Telecoms Korean News via UnwiredView


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