LG Vu is coming to AT&T!

LG Vu is coming to AT&T!
LG Vu has been featured in the list of the TTY-compatible phones, on the AT&T site. There actually are two versions of the device, the LG CU915 and the LG CU920 and it looks like the one of them will support AT&T’s mobile TV service and the other will be for those who are not lucky enough to be in an area with TV coverage. No exact release date or pricing information is available at the moment.

The PRADA-like touchscreen phone is a quad-band GSM with a dual UMTS support and is HSDPA capable.

LG Vu Specifications

source: AT&T via EndadgetMobile

Image courtesy of Gizmodo



1. unregistered

So what pixel is the camera going to be?

13. unregistered


2. FerneyZan unregistered

Unless AT&T wants to offer a weaker version of this phone in comparison to VZW, the camera better at least be a 3.2mp. Would be nice to see something like this coming to T-Mobile as well..

3. George unregistered

Cool phone...pretty much any touch screen phone is cool now though!

4. unregistered

I recently looked at an AT&T brand car charger for the LGs and found that it is compatible with the LG Vu, so it's definitely coming to AT&T.

5. attman unregistered

i'm a manager att and theres no word on this one yet. a car charger doesnt mean a phone is coming out.

6. david unregistered

The phone has been removed from the AT&T tty website!!!!! Why would that be???

7. unregistered

To the "att manager" so to speak...im going to need for him to think...name one time that att was suppose to bring out a phne and made the c. chrger for the phne with the name...what makes u think att is not going to get the phne? Dont worry i'll wait.....

8. betsy unregistered

When is this phone coming to at&t i want one!

9. arredondo unregistered

im with t-mobile rightnow and their singal sucks ass n my town cant wait till the vu comes out so i can move to att. :)

10. surfguy unregistered

good iPhone sucks!!!

11. hurley dude unregistered

about time at&t will get rid of the edge 2g I phone finally I will buy the of vu and smash the I phone I hate apple

12. lg user unregistered

great!!!!! like the last 2 posts the lg vu will kill the I phone no video apple??? hello its 2008 apple and safari is to slow that's why its 2g edge GPRS!!!

14. dj bill unregistered

This phone looks sweet!!! can't wait to get my hands on one.

15. mayline unregistered

how can i used my ym and internet at this phone? pls help me..thnx in advance

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