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LG V30 navbar customization: how to change the color, rearrange the buttons, or hide it altogether


Navbar customization once used to be a feature reserved for the realm of Android rooting and custom ROMs, but this is not strictly the case anymore! With the number of OEMs allowing users to customize the navigational bars on their phones, to some degree at least, this feature is slowly, but surely, creeping its way into the mainstream. And that's just awesome, we think!

The brand new LG V30, like the G6 before it, makes no exception to this trend and grants users this simple, yet oft overlooked, freedom. Planning to get your hands on the V30 soon? Well then, here's a useful tip on how to enhance and tailor the functionality of its navbar to your personal tastes!

You can customize the navbar of the V30 in two ways: cosmetically and functionally. Yeah, this means that you can change the color of the bar, so let's see how this is done:

Change the color of the navbar

First off, you need to go to “Settings” > “Display” > “Home touch buttons,” or simply type the word “home” in the search bar and select it from the results. From then, you can tap on “Color” and you'll get the option to change the bar's color from white to black and vice versa. Pretty neat!

Rearrange buttons on the navbar

But now let's see how to do more meaningful stuff with the navbar. Again from the “Home touch buttons” screen, tap on “Button combination.” From here, you can rearrange the three essential navigational buttons on the bar, as well as add one of three supplementary buttons to the existing ones!

The three buttons you can add to the mix are: “Notification,” which pulls down and retracts the notification shade, “Capture+,” which lets you capture extended screenshots of scrollable pages among other neat things, and “Qslide,” which opens the Qslide menu with shortcuts and apps. You can rearrange and/or add another button to the bar by dragging and dropping them from this screen.

Hide the navbar completely or on a per-app basis

And last, but not least, hiding the navbar altogether! Again, go back to the "Home touch buttons" menu, but this time tap on "Hide Home touch buttons." You'll see a master toggle for hiding the navigation bar, as well as a list of all your apps with toggles for hiding navigation on a per-app basis. Sweet! When you decide to hide the home buttons for a certain app, you'll see a message saying that the respective app's contents will be automatically adjusted for an 18:9 aspect ratio, and a warning that the contents may not be fully displayed, depending on how the app has been optimized for this particular aspect ratio.

Once you've hidden the navbar, you can bring it up again by swiping up from the bottom bezel... I mean, the bottom of the screen, because there are no bezels, right? (*ba dum tss*) Anyway, when summoned in apps where it's been disabled by default, you'll see small arrow in the leftmost part of the navigation bar. Tapping it once allows you to pin it in its current position, while tapping it again hides it.

And simple as that, you can enhance the functionality of the navbar on your LG V30! We wish all phones using on-screen navigation would let users customize them, to some degree at the very least, right out of the box!

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