LG Optimus One and Optimus Chic are ready to roll for “first-time smartphone users”

LG Optimus One and Optimus Chic are ready to roll for “first-time smartphone users”
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There were no surprises today, at LG's Optimus event. The company announced what it was expected to announce – the LG Optimus One and Optimus Chic Android-powered smartphones. Both handsets will be running Android 2.2 Froyo, and are actually pretty similar in terms of specs. The biggest differentiator is the design, with the One being a more neutral-looking handset, while the Chic is trying to deliver more in the style department.

Both the LG Optimus One and Optimus Chic are introduced as appropriate devices for first-time smartphone users, due to their presumable affordability. They will sport healthy-sized 3.2-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreens – thankfully LG has decided to part ways with the resistive tech it used with the original LG Optimus. Regarding the rest of the specs, all standard stuff is here including GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and microSD card slots. The hopefully smooth operation of the system will be guaranteed by a 600MHz CPU, while the photo-taking capabilities of the Optimus One will be governed by a 3MP AF camera, with the Optimus Chic excelling in this category with its 5MP shooter. The Chic will also offer DLNA, while the secret weapon of the One seems to be an app called LG App Advisor, the purpose of which will be to present you with a list of ten highly-rated apps every two weeks. On top of Android 2.2, LG will be laying out its own interface implementation, to add a sense of customization.

The LG Optimus One will be ready to roll in Europe, starting October, and the Optimus Chic will make its way to European stores in November. Both handsets will have an Asia-Pacific launch shortly after.

LG Optimus One Specifications
LG Optimus Chic Specifications

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Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

Not to mention that you're paying the same amount with the data plan. Im sorry but when it comes to smartphones, high end or not at all.

7. PHONE FREAK unregistered

I have an hd2 and i pay 10 dollars for data. MWUAHAHAH

2. Neostar unregistered

Does it support multitouch?

8. vikky unregistered

Yes it does......... Multitouch comes out of the box with android 2.2 froyo....... only requirement is a capacitive touch screen.

1. ilia1986 unregistered

lol 600 MHZ in 2010. Nuff said.

3. AmpliFy unregistered

Some people dont find a 1 ghz processing unit necessary. Besides, this is a low end "first time smartphone user's" kind of phone. Those who have never used a smartphone probably wont care what kind of processor is running. And 600mhz isn't all that bad to begin with. However, I see your point. You think they would more so innovate and move forward with technology instead of moving backwards with old technology. I can see in a few years, 1 ghz being a standard.

4. Vegas89

Posts: 51; Member since: Mar 15, 2010

Actually 600mhz is a dead end street. High end games won't work, the phone in general won't run as smooth, and the real killer is that android 3.0 requires 1ghz so it will never be upgraded. 600mhz is both old news and behind the times.

6. PHONE FREAK unregistered

Actually, 600mhz is not outdated. Most people don't even know what version of Android they are using. Much less the processor. Whats more is that they don't care. The care about the performance, and if its good, then most don't care about whats under the hood.

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