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  • LG Optimus G2 5-incher rumored for the fall, a 5.5" Full HD Optimus GK to fill the void at MWC

LG Optimus G2 5-incher rumored for the fall, a 5.5" Full HD Optimus GK to fill the void at MWC

Posted: , by Daniel P.

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LG Optimus G2 5-incher rumored for the fall, a 5.5
The newest rumor about LG's expected flagships for the year puts some order in the previous rumor chaos. Last we heard that instead of a 5" Full HD screen for the LG Optimus G2, a 5.5" 1080 one is expected. LG has demonstrated both displays at expos, and the 5.5-incher even debuted in the Lenovo K900 Intel-based handset at CES, so any of those scenarios was plausible.

Now sources are saying that we won't see the second iteration of the Optimus G, which inspired the Google Nexus 4 handset, before the fall season, which means that it will be LG's holidays fighter, whereas the rumored 5.5-incher will be an altogether different handset, dubbed GK, with a quad-core processor that will be announced at a more recent, MWC-ish timeframe, to bear the first half of the year brunt.

In that case, the Optimus G2 might go beyond the 1080 screen as an update, and be outfitted with a more powerful and frugal processor than we previously thought, as well as other sweetness. Hopefully LG will pay more attention to the camera module, too, as the current ones it is using are nothing to write home about.

source: CNET

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posted on 16 Jan 2013, 02:16 4

1. big.e927 (Posts: 94; Member since: 21 Nov 2012)

One major thing that I really dislike about LG is how they make their phones. It's like they have top-notch technology at their disposal, but lack the imagination to put it all together to make one really great phone. If it weren't for Samsung designing the 2nd and 3rd nexus phone devices, LG wouldn't have known how to design it. Aside from that, their phones are decent looking, but not in the same league as Samsung and HTC in the Android ecosystem. I don't like Apple much, but I can admit that they sure can nail it down with their design. Aside from the alluring design factor that can reel a customer in, they can't seem to create a decent UI for the consumer to truly appreciate. They put the important things in the phone such as the processor and display, but then the location for the capacitive buttons and applications, if it weren't for Android, I don't see how LG would be able to make it in the cell phone world. Plus the backgrounds and such look cartoony. >.>

posted on 16 Jan 2013, 02:27 6

2. anGel_pLayer (Posts: 54; Member since: 29 Jun 2012)

I kinda like LG's industrial looking designs... What I don't like is their software and camera... It's disappointing in most ways..

posted on 16 Jan 2013, 04:50 1

3. 12013E12T (Posts: 37; Member since: 08 Sep 2009)

I agree. I own the Optimus G and my ONLY complaint is the camera.

posted on 16 Jan 2013, 09:05

4. a961009 (Posts: 120; Member since: 04 Aug 2011)

Even there is problem with camera in my Optimus LTE2...

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