LG G8X camera samples: our first photos with LG's latest high-end phone

LG G8X camera samples: our first photos with LG's latest high-end phone
A couple of days ago, a big, fancy package arrived at the office, and in it was a big, fancy phone. That was the new LG G8X, which we've been testing for a few days now. We've been running performance tests, we've been testing its battery life, and we've been playing with its Dual Screen accessory. 

Needless to say, a full review of the LG G8X is on its way and should go live in the coming days. Until then, here's a quick teaser. Today we took the phone out of the office and gave its cameras a quick try. The results are in the galleries below. 

LG G8X: main camera sample photos

The LG G8X comes with a 12MP main camera with F1.8 aperture, 1.4-micron pixels, and a 78-degree viewing angle. Such specs are typical for a high-end phone's camera in 2019, so it's clear that LG is sticking to familiar, tested camera hardware this time around. Note that we've scaled down the images to make them load faster. They haven't been edited in any other way.

LG G8X: selfies and Portrait Mode photos

At the front we find a 32MP selfie snapper tucked discretely inside the notch area. The G8X's front camera is a bit special as it uses pixel-binning technology to improve photos. Basically, it blends visual data from four adjacent pixels in effort to deliver clearer, brighter images – at the expense of lower resolution, as the actual photos that you get are 8MP only. And this wouldn't be a 2019 phone if it didn't have Portrait Mode as an option. Here's what those photos look like.

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