LG G4 vs Galaxy S6: the user experience

Well, folks – it has been a bling-filled year, if nothing else, as many manufacturers chose to not only pack cutting-edge hardware in their flagships, but dress them appropriately as the luxury items that modern consumers perceive them to be. Two of the most noteworthy design choices of 2015 are Samsung's decision to go extra-classy with the metal body sandwiched between two Gorilla Glass 4 slabs for its Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, and LG's response with not doing the same, but going for a genuine leather back and a slightly curved profile on the G4 instead.

But beyond the radically different approach to the “premium” looks, the two manufacturers' flagships, naturally, differ in the way they cater to user experience. So, let's check out what Samsung's 2015 TouchWiz does better than LG's UX, and then see what LG's interface does to one-up TouchWiz!

Galaxy S6

Well, that was a lot of pluses for the Samsung side. But the G4 also has a few tricks up its sleeve. LG is no stranger to catering to superb user experience, and this does shine through in the interface of its 2015 flagship device. Let's see how it makes our lives easier, when compared to the Galaxy S6.


That does it for our nitpickiest reasons of why we would prefer one of the two phones over the other. You may have noticed that we didn't mention battery life, as this is generally pretty even on both devices in average daily use, though the Galaxy S6 does seem to have a slight edge. On the flip side, we also didn't talk about the removable battery and SD card slot, which the LG G4 has, but the Galaxy S6 edge lacks – a topic that has been beaten to a pulp, really. If you are a power user, you should remember to keep this in mind when making your choice. If you find yourself asking the question "Why would I ever carry a spare battery on me?", then it shouldn't make a difference for you.

Got some of your own reasons why one phone delivers a better user experience than the other? Stamp them all over the comments section for the world to see!

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  • Display 5.5 inches 2560 x 1440 pixels
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