LG G4 to come with a curved display at a subtle 3000mm radius

LG G4 display to come with a curved display
Those leaks hinting at a curved LG G4 display might bear fruit, after all, if a report out of the Korean mediascape is to be believed. Upon stating how the G4 will have to clash directly with the Galaxy S6, and going through the expected specs and design Rolodex, like a record F1.8 lens aperture, and a genuine leather back cover for the G4, the publication casually mentions that its screen is going to be curved, and even cites the exact curvature radius of 3000mm. LG already has midrangers with this subtle 3000mm curvature on the market, dubbed LG Magna and LG Spirit, so this speculation is utterly believable.

3000mm might sound like a lot, but actually means that the display is only slightly curved along the Y-axis. The bendy LG G Flex 2 sports a much more drastic vertical curvature of 700mm, for instance, while the Samsung Galaxy Round comes bent at a 400mm radius, but on the shorter, horizontal side. All of this means that the LG G4 will likely come a tad curved along its height, which would bode well for both grip ergonomics, and drop test endurance, as the impact will be limited by the curvature, instead of the phone falling flat on its face.

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