LG G2 for Korea has microSD card slot, removable battery

Korean LG G2
Prior to the official LG G2 announcement, the general assumption was that the smartphone would sport a removable battery and a microSD card slot, both located behind the device's removable cover. This speculation was fueled by the leaked LG G2 user manual, which contained images clearly depicting these features. But then "LG G2 day" came and went. We got our hands on the LG G2 smartphone only to discover that a microSD card slot was nowhere to be found. Also, the battery was sealed behind the non-removable back cover.

So what exactly happened with the LG G2 and the microSD card slot we were expecting? Well, that's a perk reserved for Korean buyers, as it now turns out. The Korean LG G2 variant has a removable back cover, behind which are situated its user-replaceable battery and its microSD card slot for storage expansion. However, several trade-offs have been made in order to allow these features to be available. First of all, its battery has a capacity of 2610mAh versus the 3000mAh cell found inside the US-bound LG G2. In addition, the LG G2 sold in Korea will be thicker, albeit only by a quarter of a millimeter. 

Long story short, users of the international LG G2 will have no microSD card slot at their disposal, but in exchange will get a battery that's 15% larger. Now feel free to check out an unboxing video showing the Korean LG G2 handset.

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source: UNDERkg via GSMArena

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