LG G Flex appears in the flesh with a video hands-on: curved phone has buttons on the back

LG G Flex appears in the flesh: curved phone has buttons on the back and dual color flash
The launch of LG's first handset with bendable display seems not far off, as an Argentinian journalist has unearthed a G Flex sample, likely from LG's factory over in Latin America, and it is now shown for the world to see in something other than renders and teasers.

It is curved from top to bottom, just as we heard, not sideways like the Galaxy Round, but bears a signature LG design otherwise. Yes, that means buttons on the back, like on the LG G2, and we are also noticing what could be a dual color LED flash, similar to the iPhone 5s, which should aid with natural skin tone when taking pics. 

Whether or not that means we will also have optical image stabilization on the phone, like on the G2, remains to be seen. For now, LG representative has commented that they should look into the device and can't gauge for its credibility, but it looks pretty real to us, and, besides, that's exactly the kind of talk one can expect from the PR department on leaked units. 

Speculation is that the G Flex should replicate those curved screens you've seen in your local cinema that make watching movies much more immersive due to the change in perspective. How's that going to be on a 6" phone turned in landscape, remains to be seen next month, when the G Flex will be officially announced.

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source: Telefe Noticias & Federico Ini (Twitter) via TheVerge

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