Korean regulators to out their own Note 7 investigation results, will mandate explosion reporting for all


Samsung already closed the official investigation into the Note 7 spontaneous combustion incidents, and put out a press conference to explain the cause and apologize. The Korean government, however, is having none of the apologies part, and will be requiring all phone explosion cases to be reported immediately, Samsung included. As per one official from The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy there:

The public Korea Test Laboratory will be reporting the results of its own independent investigation into the Note 7 incidents on Monday, and the trade ministry is expected to announce the new regulations then as well. The rule enforcement will likely come next year, after the government completes all the discussions needed with the relevant stakeholders, like phone makers and tech experts on the exact methods of implementation, so the Note 8 won't be covered by this requirement when it launches later this year.

source: The Investor

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