Juicy Jelly Barrel Blast is an addictive endless shooter for Android and iOS, now in open beta


Juicy Jelly Barrel Blast (JJBB) is a frenetic one-button, endless vertical scrolling game for Android and iOS that has just entered open beta, and has all the makings of an addictive mobile game. JJBB takes the formula of those barrel shooting sections in Donkey Kong games, and runs with it while adding a couple of its own twists along the way and wrapping the package in charming art design.

The basic premise of Juicy Jelly Barrel Blast is a simple one. You are a blob of jelly and you have to shoot yourself from various types of barrels, by tapping anywhere on the screen, in order to progress in the game. It is an easy setup to get into, but as you fling yourself higher and higher up its endless levels, the challenge amps up accordingly. Before you know it, you'll have to deal with faster-moving barrels, rotating every which way possible in asynchronous patterns, and various environmental hazards.

Along your way up, you'll collect copious amounts of fruit and stars that will help you rack up your high score and get your name up in one of 4 leaderboards. Add daily rewards, many unlockable extras, and a charming visual aesthetic to the mix and you get a fun little arcade game, perfect for mobile devices.

You can download the beta version of Juicy Jelly Barrel Blast for Android right now, or sign up for the soon-to-be-released iOS and Amazon betas by visiting the game's webpage. Links below.

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