It won't be Milkshake - Google's VP of Android shoots down rumors about Android M's name

It won't be Milkshake
Alas, Milkshake won't bring all the Android fans to the yard.

Earlier today, Android M got demoed at Google I/O 2015 and certain speculations arose, claiming that the M release will bear the Milkshake name once it gets official later this year.

Google's vice president of engineering, Dave Burke, was spotted on stage with an Android Wear smartwatch that had a milkshake watch face on it. Naturally, Android enthusiasts were quick to speculate that this will be the name of the future Android release.

Unfortunately, Dave Burke himself addressed these speculations on his Twitter account, claiming that the "M" in Android M will not stand for "Milkshake". He also stated that his smartwatch circulated between a few smartwatch faces, further fueling the speculations about the name of the upcoming Android release.

As a refresher, Milkshake is one of the plausible candidates that were rather favored by you.

source: @DaveBurke

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