Issues with the LG G4 touchscreen prevent quick taps and touches from registering on the screen

Issues with the LG G4 touchscreen prevent quick taps and touches from registering on the screen
An entire thread at XDA is dedicated to a problem with the LG G4 touchscreen, which apparently is lagging and is not registering quick taps and swipes. This prevents the phone from correctly utilizing the Knock On and Knock Code features. With Knock On, you tap the screen twice to wake up the phone. Tap twice again, and the phone goes back to sleep. With Knock Code, the user creates a series of two to eight taps that lock and unlock the phone.

XDA has surveyed 194 LG G4 users and 40.21% of those asked say that they are having no issue at all with the touchscreen on the handset. That means that almost 60% of those surveyed are having an issue with the display. There is a way to check how responsive the screen is on your LG G4. Open the dialer and type in 277634#*# to open the service menu. Go to Device Test -> Service MenuManual Test -> Touch Draw TestManual. Tap, touch, knock and slide on the screen and a red mark should appear on the spots where the screen was touched. With this test, you can see how bad the problem is on your LG G4.

Are you experiencing something similar with your LG G4? Keep your fingers crossed, praying that the issue is merely a software problem that can be fixed with a simple update. Better hope that this is not a hardware problem because if it is, LG will have to start exchanging faulty units for ones that work.

source: XDA via AndroidAuthority

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