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Is this Nokia N96?

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This article contains unofficial information.

Is this Nokia N96?
Photos have leaked in Mobile-Review’s forum showing a device claimed to be Nokia N96. We are not certain if this is a real phone and even if it is, we presume it will not be named N96, since what the photos show is not enough high-end for the N90 series. By design, the device is similar to N81, but there are a lot of changes. For example, the speakers are just on one of the sides and the slider opens both downwards and upwards as in the N95. The photos also reveal a 5-Megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, but with a LED flash instead of Xenon (unlike N82), which is logical for a high-end model. There is a stand around the camera that can be pulled out for placing the device in landscape.

Our expectations are that if the model is truly real, it will be announced in the beginning of next year.

via: EngadgetMobile

Is this Nokia N96?
Is this Nokia N96?
Is this Nokia N96?
Is this Nokia N96?

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:41

1. Bilal (unregistered)

I think it is Nokia N96.It is good phone.

posted on 21 Dec 2007, 09:56

2. abhay (unregistered)

I wish this is not better than N95 8GB, because I am going to get that one now and I dont want anything better than that in the market

posted on 21 Dec 2007, 20:53

3. phonearena vs gsmarena (unregistered)

do phonearena and gsmarena ever cover anythign different to one another?i click on one website and then the other..and teh ewns displqayed is the same on a daily basis. p.s. this is fake, its a nokia n99 chinese remake

posted on 23 Dec 2007, 00:09

4. sunny singhi (unregistered)

the ugliest fone of the century also the ugliest upgrade !!

posted on 24 Dec 2007, 10:08

5. billy (unregistered)

No, this is not a chinese remake phone cant u tell the difference? those chinese ones are more stiff in a way.. yes Sunny is a moron..lol! ya i dont want it to be better than N95 8gb as well, as i am having that at the moment..

posted on 25 Dec 2007, 09:10

6. ching bang muaw (unregistered)

Its all a lie.This phone displayed is not N96.I actually carry documents for nokia office in china.I read all the secret documents of the latest phones and this phone is a Nokia n99.its a fake model

posted on 25 Dec 2007, 09:16

7. Jerremy (unregistered)

I dont want a phone to come out thats better than my phone.because when a phone better than my phone comes out i get depressed and try to sell my phone which isnt better then the new phone which is better then my phone.and then i have to go on a contract to get the better phone thats better then my phone and end up with 3 or 4 contracts at the same time.

posted on 31 Dec 2007, 04:35

8. Ahsun ALi (unregistered)

how it to be a Nokia N series device, Nokia should have claim it.

posted on 18 Jan 2011, 05:35

9. mawire (unregistered)

hahahahaha Bilal its 2010 and u are still confused hahahahha. u made my day

posted on 13 Feb 2011, 23:33

10. Ponting (Posts: 19; Member since: 25 Jan 2011)

Ya it's truly Nokia N96 phone. The model comes as a successor to N95. It has surpassed all the phones in the mobile arena with a capacity of 16 GB on-board phone memory and an option to expand it further, via a micro SDHC slot, a capacity which no mobiles flaunt about right now.

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