Is T-Mobile's HTC HD2 finally back for good?

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Is T-Mobile's HTC HD2 finally back for good?
The truth is that T-Mobile definitely has a hit with the HTC HD2 – it's quite obvious that they've been battling stock issues in-stores and online. We've seen the device get sold out online a couple of times which clearly showcases the kind of demand that's out there for this powerhouse Windows Mobile phone. Luckily, it sounds like T-Mobile is once again making a big push as select retail stores nationwide are beginning to receive shipments once again – and at the same time, the device can be purchased online as well. Not only does T-Mobile stand to make out good with this handset, but HTC's fortunes are looking more solid with each passing day as demand is still up there. It's quite surprising that it had to be the HTC HD2 to really catapult the Windows Mobile platform into the spotlight.

HTC HD2 Specifications | Review (EU)

source: T-Mobile via TmoNews


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