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Is Alltel getting the HTC Merge?

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Is Alltel getting the HTC Merge?
It has been a while since any news regarding the supposed upcoming Verizon handset the HTC Merge made the news, but now it seems there is a possibility the Android-powered device is heading to Alltel as well.

To be honest, the evidence isn’t the most solid you are going to run into. There is a photo floating around of the aforementioned HTC Merge minus the Verizon branding, but with an Alltel logo gracing the phones background.

We could take an iPhone and throw an Alltel logo on the background and make the same statement if we wanted. However, given that this device seems to have been forgotten about by Verizon, it is possible that there are other carriers ready to offer it.

Like we said, the evidence isn’t concrete but given the lack of news about this phone since it made a guest appearance on Verizon’s webpage, all things are possible. Alltel could very well be getting the HTC Merge, maybe even before Verizon. Take this photo with a grain of salt, and tell us what you think in the comments below.

source: Into Mobile via Mobile Crunch

Is Alltel getting the HTC Merge?

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