Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 7 pitted against Safari and Froyo browser on video

Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 7 pitted against Safari and Froyo browser on video
The folks from PocketNow have pitted the IE-based browser of Windows Phone 7 against the current crown jewels - Safari on the iPhone 4, and the Android 2.2 browser on the Nexus One. The WP7 browser seems to have come a long way from the slow buggy experience observed in the early prototypes.

Still running on the LG GW910 (aka Panther) developer's phone, the browser exhibits page loading, kinetic scrolling and touch gesture speeds comparable to the competition. The mobile Internet Explorer even has some unique features like simultaneous tabs loading. Rotating the view in landscape mode seemed a bit slower than on the other two handsets, maybe due to the transitional animations present in Windows Phone 7. This is still not a final build of the WP7 mobile OS, so the competition should be officially worried – Microsoft seems to have gotten one of the major selling points in any smartphone about right.

Look at the ten minute video below to check out the WP7 browser behavior on the 3.5” screen of the LG GW910.

source: PocketNow



1. NOVAinc. unregistered

I've seen the video... But for those who didn't see it I would like to clear that 1- "the browser exhibits page loading, kinetic scrolling and touch gesture speeds comparable to the competition." is a totally subjective statement. Really, there was no major differences on page loading among the three platforms. Sometimes WP7 spud finish first followed closely by the other two phones. Sometimes it was froyo the leader followed closely by the other two and so for the iPhone too. 2- "The mobile Internet Explorer even has some unique features like simultaneous tabs loading." An android user may tell if this is present or not, but iOS certainly does this too. 3- WP7 browser is not supporting HTML5 (nor flash) and there is not official word about if it will or will not. I've always liked that nice professionally from phonearena guys to just give the news and letting his readers to take their own conclusion. This article is stepping blogger territories, I hope they stay a news site.

9. rfrapp

Posts: 77; Member since: Jun 10, 2010

Actually the iOS browser does not simultaneously load tabs. If you open a new window and load a page, then switch back to the other window, it will reload. So sorry, you are mistaken.

11. gridlock

Posts: 31; Member since: Jun 10, 2010

Plus WP7 browser will support Flash, Adobe and Microsoft have been working on it since March. As far as HTML5, meh, it's now WebKit based...

2. ChineseMuscle

Posts: 47; Member since: Nov 15, 2008

Did I do the right thing by giving in and getting the Droid X .....Or should I have waited for Windows Phone 7 ? What I simply cannot stand about the Droid X and the iPhone: I need HARDWARE DEDICATED "SEND" and "END" keys.

3. baldilocks

Posts: 1549; Member since: Dec 14, 2008

Windows Phone 7 has got to be the most visually UNAPPEALING UI ever created. How can anyone be excited by 1988 style 8-bit graphics and words that are cut off???

4. Ken99 unregistered

ok, I used WinMO, and I am still using it sadly. I've tried,and tried hard to understand the function of the new UI, I 've tried very hard to like it, and I failed to like it! May be its way ahead in terms of design and function,but how the new UI is useful or likable is just beyond me, now. But its the Android that impressed me the most, Android beats both phones most of the time during the test, especially while scrolling, and loading pages.This time, its the spanking new Iphone4 that shows 'Checker box' while scrolling? That's crazy.When Android beats Iphone, that's a given, but I am having a hard time imagining that Windows phone 7 'Beta' beats Iphone4 in kinetic scrolling?!!Now that's some respectable improvement.

5. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

Well well. Can't say I agree with all this. I am amazed that Microsoft made a weblog browser for one. But on my iPhone 4 I got barely any checkerboards. It still does have them tho and also my iPhone 4 was able to simultaneously load 8 different tabs in the background. So I don't know why the article here and the video say it can't. My nexus1 however had about the same results as the one on the video.

6. Talktalktalkinblahblahblah unregistered

The cool thing about the Nexus One is you can download another browzer and get super speeds. IE Dolphin or Opera you can't do that on the Iphone not sure if you can on WP7.

8. NOVAinc. unregistered

yes you can on the iPhone, there are plenty of amazing browsers in the AppStore with real tabs, private mode and stuff. There is also Opera which is pretty fast

7. ilia1986 unregistered

Well, looks like Windows Mobile (and don't tell me jack that it's an entirely new system right now) is finally up to the task of competing with iOS and Android.. after 3 long years. Thats better than what we can say for other OSs.

10. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

Oops I meant webkit browser not weblog. Oops. Autocorrect sux sometimes

12. kaikobad unregistered

dont know what microsoft is trying to accomplish here..i mean the wp7 is just way behing android or ios platforms..the features arent even close to what the competitors are offering!

13. bryanfurry

Posts: 3; Member since: Nov 09, 2010

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