Intel says Ultrabooks more functional than any Apple gear, yet working on a sub-$300 StoryBook Android tablet for schools

Intel says Ultrabooks more functional than any Apple gear, yet working on a sub-$300 StoryBook Android tablet for schools
Intel is restless in pushing its Ultrabook platform of thin and light devices with great battery life, innovative form factors, which also include touchscreens, and packing quite the hardware punch. 

Intel reps have said that the iPad can't compare in terms of functionality to the Ultrabook concept, and even the MacBook Air is just "a great choice for someone who wants to invest in the Mac operating system... But really, with the Ultrabook, it's about offering all those things in the same device--the great responsiveness, the great battery life--and with an operating system that people have come to love over the years, as well as all the legacy applications that they would like to run."

Despite pitching its Ultrabook concept, Intel is hedging its bets by developing a dual-OS tablet based on its Medfield chipset platform that will be destined for the educational market. The slate is to be called StoryBook and be priced south of $300, which is a pretty good entry point for a 10-incher. At this price we guess the two operating systems on it should be Android and Intel's own Tizen, since Windows 8 licences come at a cost, so it will be very interesting to follow Intel's experience with the StoryBook in emerging markets.



1. JSern

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I love potatoes

2. plgladio

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3. android_hitman unregistered

everybody buys an iPad because it's cool and you don't want to look lame in front of your friends .. so let me brake it for you... if it's not an iPad nobody care if it's more functional than an iPad... people are dumb, untill you find the secret recipe to sell crap, like apple did, don't expect to sell millions of ultrabooks

6. -box-

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No one I've ever met thinks an ipad is "cool" or a necessity for keeping up appearances. They all know it's a bigger, more-overpriced ipod built by underpaid workers in poor conditions. Let me breakit to you: it's just hype and pure profits at the expense of the human condition

8. greathero1

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Are you serious? I could give a rats bottom what a friend thinks. I purchased an iPad to try something different after returning my Android tablet for bugs. So far, the iPad has worked well for me and I am enjoying it. The device just works and works well. No force closes, no lags, no issues, no software hiccups, no hardware hiccups period. This is the first Apple product that I have purchased and my experience has been excellent. So I am dumb right? Lol, take a look in the mirror bro.

4. Bluesky02

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My favourite dual OS would be Windows 8 + Ice Cream Sandwich

5. Croxy

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You mean Windows 8 + Bluestacks app? :)

7. mercorp

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