Instagram's new relevance based feeds are here

Instagram's new relevance based feeds are here
Instagram users are apparently the type that don't like change. When the company announced in March that it was going to change the position of posts on users' feeds, it created quite a furor. Instead of the timeline displaying the most recent message at the top, an algorithm decides which messages are the most important to a subscriber and will put those posts on top instead.

Talk of this change set off such a firestorm of angry Instagram users, that the picture and video-sharing site felt compelled to tell its users that this change wasn't happening overnight. Everyone took a deep breath, and all was forgotten. Until now. According to a report published today, Instagram is about to make the change and it is not allowing users to disable the feature.

Instagram is doing this because it says that its users miss 70% of their feeds. With over 400 million users, Instagram wants to help its subscribers more easily find the posts that are the most important to them.

Since business posts face the possibility of being placed well toward the bottom of subscribers' feeds, earlier this week Instagram officially announced new initiatives for businesses that turn posts into ads, targeting certain users. At the same time, these businesses will be able to see the demographics of those reading their posts/ads.

source: TechRadar

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