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Insider says Microsoft was kicked out of CES

Posted: , by Victor H.

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Insider says Microsoft was kicked out of CES
Just a couple of hours ago, Microsoft announced its officially leaving CES and the 2012 Ballmer keynote will be the last big appearence of Redmond at the annual show dedicated to consumer electronics. But while the press release suggested that CES and Microsoft parted ways on amicable terms, an insider suggests that’s far from the truth and the company was actually “kicked out.”

An insider source over at GigaOm revealed that the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) organizing the show was against Microsoft holding a keynote event, and the software giant decided to pull its booth as well in response. 

“Microsoft didn’t pull out of the keynote – they were kicked out. Big difference,” the anonymous insider stressed. Now, we’d definitely take this with a grain of salt. First, the anonymity of the source doesn’t give it any credence and secondly it’s not clear why the CEA would not want Microsoft to hold a keynote at CES.

It’s true that Microsoft has been mostly focused on the enterprise market, with its last couple of keynotes circling around the consumer market, and this year Redmond is also expected to focus on a news recap from the year, rather than aim to hit us with big announcements.

Here’s the official PR from the CEA:

“In the fourteen years that we have invited Microsoft to deliver a keynote address at CES, the company has unveiled some great innovations, from operating systems to gaming platforms to mobile technologies. Both CEA and Microsoft have agreed that the time has come to end this great run, and so Microsoft will not have a keynote at the 2013 CES.“

The association hasn’t replied to the rumor, so it’s up to you to decide how credible it sounds in the comments below.

source: GigaOm

Image courtesy of James Martin/CNET.

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posted on 22 Dec 2011, 04:12 7

1. andro. (Posts: 1999; Member since: 16 Sep 2011)

CES is prob way better off without windows mobile phones on show,they are a failure and the less we hear Balmer ranting rubbish about the brilliance of the o.s the better

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 04:16 4

2. bloodline (Posts: 706; Member since: 01 Dec 2011)

I actually agree with this, I actually think symbian is better than windows

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 04:32 5

6. bobfreking55 (Posts: 866; Member since: 15 Jul 2011)

symbian will die out so it does not matter anymore.
Windows has potential but seriously, people don't know how to develop for it.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 05:12 7

7. shafboy (Posts: 179; Member since: 26 Sep 2010)

Have you tried it though? I have no knowledge about any code (C# etc...) and it actually seems understandable! It is really easy to develop for Windows, more devs need to try it though.

Windows is actually a great OS, no bias here - but i have had an iPhone earlier and moved to Windows Phone 7 when it was out. And I am actually thinking this is a solid competitor against other platforms.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 07:54

11. bobfreking55 (Posts: 866; Member since: 15 Jul 2011)

it is. its just that the ecosystem is so little, and right from the start people begin to question if its easy to understand (i know it is) and will not buy it..
and hardware limitations.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 08:24 4

13. snowgator (Posts: 3604; Member since: 19 Jan 2011)

Before I respond, yes I am a huge WP fan, but please know I spent from Oct 2010 trying out OS's and different manufacturers, and I am not "anti" anything. But the hardware limitations you speak of are about to be a thing of the past. The Apollo upgrade will support multi core processors, high definition screens, and most any other Inovation coming down the pike. And considering that since WP has kicked off in the middle of last year there are now over 40,000 apps available and growing. And Mango did add over 500 features, so there is both support and development for it.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 09:11 3

16. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

WP is just fine. MS purposely took the slow n steady path to make sure they didnt have any of the issues that plagued the previous versions. WP7 was rebuilt from the ground up and it shows. They never said "we plan on taking 20% of the market the first year". Hell, android didnt even really get off the ground in the first year and look how far ahead they are now. The sales will come.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 10:51 2

18. Glim12808 (Posts: 394; Member since: 26 Oct 2011)

Bought an htc Radar a few days ago and find the WP7 OS simply great! Although the processor is just 1 GHZ, the OS runs very smooth and fluid. I still use my Android, but I find myself using my WP7 more and more.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 04:23 8

3. Dj21o (Posts: 437; Member since: 19 May 2011)

You guys are on crack. I'd sell my GSII in a heartbeat if Sprint were to come out with a decent WP7. After having Android for over two years now and having the same problems, makes me want to look at more alternatives. My friend has the Focus and I think the UI is easily the best out of anything else with an even better responsiveness. But I guess its all personal preference.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 04:32 3

5. bloodline (Posts: 706; Member since: 01 Dec 2011)

what problems ?

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 07:06 12

8. captn3x (Posts: 46; Member since: 08 Aug 2011)

Really? I'm an Android fan but you would have to be blind to not see all the force closes, random reboots, horrible bog downs making you manually reboot. I'm getting sick of getting a new phone and realizing 2 weeks later a better one is coming out tomorrow. I got the DROID one and 8 months into my contract I was told the hardware couldn't keep up to the software. I love rooting and playing with ROMs but I'm very close to getting a phone that just works all the time. My brother got a first generation WP and after a year has only turned the phone off a few times and that's only because his battery went dead or he got the bing Mango update.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 09:11 2

17. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

i havent noticed that at all. please explain.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 11:55 2

24. jacko (unregistered)

android just doesnt like u

tbh i would buy a wp just to try see what the hype is about like i did with an is**t 3G then sold it after 2 weeks coz it was a p.o.s just like my ipod
apps crashing all the time

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 21:37

28. ILikeBubbles (Posts: 525; Member since: 17 Jan 2011)

this is why i think that android is for a different set of people.. i haven't experienced any of that. (honestly i sort of blame motorola for fc's and stuff like that but that's just me) i'm sure wp7 and the iphone are wonderful alternatives for people who want a phone that 'just works' ive always viewed android as sort of the linux of the mobile industry? so much more user active and you need to know what youre doing. some people don't want it.. even if they know what they're doing

really, i'm so glad (even though i'm die-hard google) that there are 3 well known good and popular os's that meet different peoples needs.

posted on 23 Dec 2011, 01:45

31. Dj21o (Posts: 437; Member since: 19 May 2011)

I have rooted and customized 3 different phones now, and while I learned A LOT, I just don't want to deal with it anymore. I am not the techy "geeky" guy as other people would say, but I want to have something that is up to par with my standards for 2 years, not something that will be out of the loop in two months. It is too much work, and I love CM7/MIUI, but it seems like you have to wait for ages to get it to work with your phone. Screw waiting lol. Time flies by when you are constantly messing with your phone, to the point where I notice it and put the phone down just to see my family. It is some what possessive lol.

posted on 23 Dec 2011, 01:40

30. Dj21o (Posts: 437; Member since: 19 May 2011)

Problems like lag, force closes, battery life, etc. You put it against an iPhone or a WP7, it is easily noticeable which are more efficient. I'm not saying you can do as much (for free anyways), with an iPhone or WP7, but the experience is much more enjoyable. I have a family member that is with Sprint and they have had a rep come in with WP7 phones and we should see something in Q1 of 2012.

I love Android and I will defend it, but when it boils down to performance and the end of the day, I just want a fully functional phone that looks nice and doesn't require constant tweaking. I'm even debating on selling my GSII right now and buying an iPhone, but I would much rather have a WP7.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 04:27 5

4. bbblader (Posts: 590; Member since: 24 Oct 2011)

Symbian/Nokia Belle is definetly better than that wp7.5 mango
in my language the word Mango is the same as Mangal which means a persone like this:http://oldsong.hit.bg/mangal.jpg
thank god their changing it to Tango

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 07:08 2

9. captn3x (Posts: 46; Member since: 08 Aug 2011)

What do you hate about it?

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 11:05 1

20. Glim12808 (Posts: 394; Member since: 26 Oct 2011)

Where I come from, mango is a delicious fruit liked by all. So to me, mango has a very positive connotation! BUT that's neither here nor there.
We're taliking about the merits of WP7 OS and based on my experience with my new HTC Radar, the OS is very smooth and fluid inspite of only a 1 GHZ processor in the phone. Also very easy to use because the design is intuitive.
Although the phone is new, I find I'm using it more and more than my Android. But make no mistake, I find nothing wrong with my Android.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 21:22

27. Stoli89 (Posts: 333; Member since: 28 Jun 2010)

I'm a long time Nokia fan and I have an N8 with the new Belle OS. For sure, this OS has so many functionalities and delivers excellent battery life/stability. However, the UI on WP is stunning. For sure, Mango lacks certain features that Symbian has provided for years...but they will soon come with Tango and Apollo. For me, Tango fills the vast majority of critical gaps vis a vis Belle. Belle's UI is more like Maemo 5 and Android; WP is a completely different UX...one that I find very compelling.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 21:44

29. ILikeBubbles (Posts: 525; Member since: 17 Jan 2011)

but mangos are so delicious!!

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 07:53

10. InspectorGadget80 (unregistered)

CES sees what a complete ass hole M$ is with all those lawsuits against mobile companies. I'll be upset if M$ bans Motorola or any other manufacturer mobile company during CES.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 08:35 3

14. snowgator (Posts: 3604; Member since: 19 Jan 2011)

Come on now, gadget. Microsoft only has the lawsuit out against Motorola. (and I agree with you on that suit. I hope Motorola wins.) All the other licenses agreements they have with Android manufacturers have been completed out of the courtrooms through discussions and negotiations. Samsung and HTC are doing everything they can to sue Apple into submission, and no one is ticked at them at CES. Your bias is showing.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 07:55 3

12. jbash (Posts: 345; Member since: 07 Feb 2011)

I can't wait for the next gen of Windows phone. I have been with android and I'm bored with it. I'm ready for a solid daily driver, and android for my weekend warrior(flash new roms every other day). Just need a few more things to show up WP7(front facing cam, free turn by turn directions, a minimum of dual core, and 10+mp shooter) then I'll make the switch

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 08:40 3

15. snowgator (Posts: 3604; Member since: 19 Jan 2011)

I am calling this report about a 10 on the crap-o-meter. Microsoft has been making noises about leaving the CES since Nokia has come onboard. I have been reading the rumors of it on WP Central for months. Someone is just trying to save face at CES to keep the show important.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 10:51

19. pongkie (Posts: 655; Member since: 20 Aug 2011)

they are afraid of balmer going bananas again and might end up putting someone to the ER so this happened

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 11:24

21. Pdubb (Posts: 248; Member since: 08 Aug 2011)

Isn't it funny how an article about Microsoft leaving CES turns into a debate about WP7 vs. Android. Wave your flags gentlemen.

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 11:29

22. corps1089 (Posts: 492; Member since: 20 Jan 2010)


back on topic:

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 11:31

23. Glim12808 (Posts: 394; Member since: 26 Oct 2011)

It's not surprising at all when the very first comment is a rant against windows phone!

posted on 22 Dec 2011, 12:23

25. gammaSharma (Posts: 33; Member since: 17 Nov 2011)

Bill, please save us from this Ball-mer.

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