Impala uses sophisticated algorithms to sort your photos into various categories

Impala uses sophisticated algorithms to sort your photos into various categories
Meet Impala, a photo-centric app that arranges the images in your gallery into neatly organized folders. But don't think that you'd have to manually select the destination of each photo – Impala automatically skims through your gallery and sorts the images depending on what's in each picture.

After a quick initial scan, Impala will have sorted all of your photos into different folders, representing the corresponding categories. For example, food goes in the “Food” folder, whereas landscape pictures are placed into the “Outdoor” folder. If you have ever captured, say, a sunset, you will find it in the “Sunsets and sunrises” folder. As a whole, it seems that Impala is able to sort your images in a plethora of different categories – the most unusual we encountered were “Hands” and “Legs”.

Impala can also take pictures and thanks to another interesting feature, dubbed Live detection, the app will try to describe the objects you point your camera at in real time. The feature works surprisingly well and although it makes a mistake here and there, it would correctly recognize an object 9 out of 10 times. What's more, Impala does its magic relatively fast, as it would normally take it less than half of a second to identify a given object.

However, the app has several drawbacks. For example, images that don't contain recognized objects are left out of the app's folders – it would be better if such pictures were placed into an “Unrecognized” folder or something similar. In addition, Impala's Live detection tends to apply different filters to shots of people, architecture, and food. While this is not a bad idea, the execution is poor – the captured images are rather oversaturated and sometimes even blurred.

The app was initially released for iOS device, but is now available for Android, too. It's a free app, though the developer states that certain upcoming features might be available as in-app purchases. Fortunately, the app is completely functional as it is and it won't require you to spend a dime in order to use it.

Download: Impala (Android | iOS)

via: Android Authority


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