Imagination Technologies takes cover off PowerVR Series6XE entry-level GPUs

Imagination Technologies takes cover off PowerVR Series6XE entry-level GPUs
Along with the new high-performing PowerVR Series6XT, Imagination Technologies, the company known for supplying GPUs for the iPhone 5s and iPad Air, unveiled the Series6XE family of chips bringing the Series 6 architecture into the entry level, and to very power sensitive devices.

Imagination Technologies unveiled two PowerVR Series6XE chips for a start - the G6050 and the G6060. While both are largely based on a Series 6 design, some XT features like the PVRIC2 compression are also present. Interestingly, both GPUs come with just half a cluster (indicated by the second digit, the “0”, in their model names). There are no further details as to how exactly IT managed to shrink them down like this, but good news is that the new chips are ISA compatible with the Series 6 instruction set.

There are also two new GPUs that go by the G6110 and G6100 names, that offer even higher performance. Both are single-cluster designs, and Imagination Technologies only says they come with a brand new texture mapping unit to achieve fill-rates on par with earlier generation multi-cluster GPUs.

Finally, Imagination Technologies confirmed that the new parts will be available for licensing right away. We’d expect the first real-world devices with the new chips in late 2015.

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