I touch too much: the best Windows 8/RT tablets and convertibles roundup, with prices

I touch too much: the best Windows 8/RT tablets and convertibles roundup, with prices
Microsoft just got off stage, where it launched its newest Windows 8/RT operating system, demonstrating a lot of intriguing, or downright quirky hardware it can run on. It has been prepping the announcement for quite a while, rounding up manufacturing partners to come up with innovative devices that take advantage of the new, touch-oriented Modern UI interface, and the ARM processor support.

Not to leave anything to chance, it also created two computers of its own for the first time - the Surface RT/Pro tablets, which will be battling for the consumer's attention alongside pure slates and hybrid devices from Samsung, Asus, HP, Sony, Dell, LG, Lenovo, Acer and others.

If you feel a little confused keeping track of all the new Windows 8/RT gear hurled at you, you are not alone, that's why we wanted to round the most prominent up in the slideshow below for easier comparison - the list is by brand, in alphabetical order. 

The cheapest Win 8/RT slates start at $500 with ARM-based processors or Intel Atom, but if you want real Intel Ivy Bridge power, and/or innovative form factors, you'd have to splurge quite a bit more. Most will be available tomorrow, or in mid-November, with only some left for December. What's your favorite?


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