Huawei's upcoming Honor smartglasses probably employ F-16 fighter jet heads-up display technology


Back in March, we told you that Lumus, a military contractor popular for its F-16 helmet heads-up displays, has developed a military-grade eyewear, which will be eventually sold to manufacturers that are willing to implement Lumus' technology in their smartglasses. At the time, the contractor showcased two development kits, the binocular DK-32 and the monocular DK-40. But why are we telling you this?

Well, it seems that Huawei might be among the adopters of Lumus' F-16 technology, as the China-based giant just teased on Weibo that it has smartglasses in the pipeline - judging from the teaser Huawei posted, the latter's take on the smart headewar bear a striking resemblance to the Lumus DK-40 kit, which makes us think that Huawei has adopted the military contractor's binocular military-grade eye-wear kit. The smartglasses will be graced with Huawei's signature "Honor" device name, which graces many of its entry-level and mid-range smartphones.

The Lumus DK-40 makes use of an Optical Engine Module, consisting of a Light-guide Optical Element (LOE) and a Micro-display Pod. The philosophy behind this technology is the same as the one in the HUD displays of the F-16 fighters, which means that the smart-glasses won't cause any strain to the user's eyes. The DK-40 development kit has a 720p display up front, yet Huawei has seemingly put its faith into a 640 x 480-pixel one. The Honor smartglasses will also sport a 5MP camera on the temple and will run Android 4.4.4 KitKat. We suppose that more information about the gadget will break cover once November 24 comes.

source: Weibo via GSMDome

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