Huawei on the rise: posts a record-breaking revenue for 2014, smartphone sales have skyrocketed

Huawei on the rise - posts a record-breaking revenue, almost smartphone sales double
Although it might be dwelling in the shadow of Samsung and Apple, Huawei is one of the most serious contenders for the third spot on the market, fiercely battling with Xiaomi, Lenovo, and a slew of other rivals. This battle has proved to be quite fruitful for Huawei - the China-based giant just posted its financial report for 2014, and from the looks of it, there are numerous reasons to pop the champagne and throw a party.

Huawei just revealed that its revenue has increased 30% in 2014. As a whole, the company has brought $12.2 billion home - a record-breaking result, as Huawei claims it has never before crossed the $10-billion revenue mark. The culprits for these outstanding financial results are the 138 million sold devices, both feature phones and smartphones. As far as smartphones are concerned, the company saw profit on 75 million units, which is a 45% increase in comparison with 2013, a pretty impressive bump in the results.

The top dogs in the portfolio are the Huawei Ascend P7, four million units of which got sold during the first six months of its existence on the market, and the Ascend Mate7, roughly two million units of which got sold across the globe. The lower-positioned Honor line of devices also proved to quite successful branch of the portfolio, amassing roughly 20 million units sold.

As far as 2015 is concerned, Huawei reveals it will focus on high-end and mid-range devices, hoping to sell more than 100 million units. Well, we can't wait to see what Huawei's going to unveil at its MWC event later this year!

source: Huawei
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