Rumor: Huawei may launch a cheaper foldable this fall

Rumor: Huawei may launch a cheaper foldable this fall
Foldable phones with flexible screens are still an unknown quantity in the smartphone equation. We know that first-gen foldable devices had some issues and that most of the models out there are quite expensive, and that's pretty much it. Whether they'll make it past the initial hype and find their place in the smartphone pantheon is not clear, but one thing is certain. With each new device out there, prices will fall. The next rumored foldable from Huawei may be a case in point.

According to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, Huawei will release a cheaper foldable phone this fall, along with the new Mate 40 series. Young commented in a YouTube interview on GregglesTV that the Chinese manufacturer is developing an in-folding phone. The design of this mysterious device deviates from the first two out-folding foldable models of the company - the Mate X and Mate Xs.

"We expect to see Huawei pursue both a clamshell and an in-folding model, and we think they're struggling to come up with an ultra-thin glass solution right now for the clamshell. But we do expect them to do an in-folding model later this year and be pretty aggressively priced," Young commented.

Presumably, Huawei has already ordered 500,000 units of this new foldable, according to supply chain sources. What does "aggressively priced" mean exactly is also not very clear. Huawei Mate Xs was priced at around $2,700 (2499 EUR), so even a $2,000 device will be considered a lot cheaper. Ross Young says that the official announcement of Huawei's new foldable is scheduled for this September or October. Watch the full video below (skip to the five minute mark).

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