How to take Night Mode selfies on iPhone 12/Pro

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How to take Night Mode selfies on iPhone 12/Pro
The iPhone 12 series bring a brand new feature to the selfie camera: Night Mode selfies! So how do you take a night mode selfie, and how do selfies on the iPhone 12 look versus selfies on last year's iPhone 11 series, which did not support the feature? Let's take a closer look.

In a typical Apple fashion, you don't need to manually do anything to use the new Night Mode selfie option. An iPhone 12 will detect when the conditions are dark enough and it will then automatically use the night mode option giving you a brighter selfie in even a very dark room or a bar. 

However, if you want to manually customize or turn it off, you do have that option: simply tap on the moonlight button in the top left corner when you are taking a selfie. Then, a slider appears on the bottom part of the screen, and you can select a longer exposure for darker environments, or you can completely turn Night Mode selfie off.

Here is a quick iPhone 12 Pro Night Mode Selfie UI demo:

Video Thumbnail

The interface is identical to the Night Mode interface for the main cameras, but what about the photos?

Night Mode Selfie Photos

Here is a quick comparison of selfies captured on the iPhone 12 Pro with the Night Mode option versus the iPhone 11 Pro which has no Night Mode selfie option.

The photo from the new iPhone is a lot brighter and this option definitely looks like a handy addition to the iPhone's arsenal of cameras.

Here is one more example:

In this case, you notice another advantage that Night Mode gives you: in low light, even the tiniest hand shake can result in a blurry photo that is not really usable. With Night Mode, you get a much sharper, cleaner looking picture in addition to the brighter exposure.

Sometimes, however, you do get tiny artefacts with the Night Mode shot. It happens rarely, but we noticed it, so here is what that looks like:

Again, this is an isolated case, so it's not something that happens often, but it's interesting to see how sometimes the otherwise clever Night Mode can misfire.

So there you have it, Night Mode Selfies on the iPhone 12 Pro, a tiny new addition to the iPhone 12 camera that makes it just a little bit better.

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