How to install a custom Android boot animation

How to install a custom Android boot animation
As we outlined just earlier today, the extent to which you can modify your Android handset is one of the platform's greatest selling points, and we quite appreciate the opportunity to tweak most anything. Boot animations, while a rather obscured detail of your entire Android experience, nevertheless add that extra polish that makes your Android your own. That's precisely why today we'll be showing you how to easily change your stock manufacturer boot animation to something a tad more interesting.

There are two methods to do this -- using a dedicated app, or learning how to do it manually, which isn't at all hard. We'll show you both, though it's best you learn to do it manually, as while that leaves room for error, you'll have wider range of choice. Just make sure to keep this in mind: your phone's pixel density is the deciding factor when picking between the different boot animation sizes. Oh, and you need to be rooted, obviously. On most modern devices, you're looking for HDPI/XHDPI (sometimes these are simplified to an exact resolution for simplicity), but do your research before loading a boot animation that isn't suited for your device.

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