How to display all hidden info on your Samsung phone: secret codes, genuine validation, S Pen detach counter

From bootloader and baseband versions, through manufacturing date, country of origin, and even the hardware revision, our smartphones are brimming with hidden info you might find interesting or useful. There are also secret codes you can enter that would unlock or bar this and that function, too. 

Phones from the world's largest Android manufacturer are even more interesting, as they are so popular, and when it comes to the Note phablet line, the hidden info includes stuff like an S Pen detach counter, for instance.

How do we display the secret codes and hidden info stashed on our Samsung device without rooting, typing code, rebooting into recovery, and so on hackery that not everyone is willing to delve into, though?

Real easy, son, as there is an app for that, called simply Phone INFO, tailored specifically to Samsung phones, as it can even display if your KNOX warranty has been tripped. Granted, some of the display options do need rooting, and some would work only on Note devices for obvious reasons, but there's plenty of other stuff to keep you entertained. 

Download Phone INFO from the Play Store, and see what you will be getting, straight from the developer's mouth:

source: vndnguyen (XDA-Devs)

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