How to access the hidden service menu on the LG G4

How to access the hidden service menu on the LG G4
Your phone has its secrets, and we mean that literally. Menus buried deep into its software hold settings that only technicians, not users, should have access to. This applies to pretty much every handset on the market, including the LG G4, and we bet you're already curious to know how to get to the said list of settings. If that's the case, just keep on reading as this guide is all about accessing the LG G4's hidden menu.

Why would anyone want to access a phone's service menu? Well, these usually contain tools meant to test whether the device's hardware components, including its screen, buttons, motor, and wireless radios, are working properly. If a phone is acting up, one of these tests might help you diagnose the issue. Service menus may also allow a device's network status to be monitored and network settings to be modified. You may also view raw data from your device's sensors or monitor the status of its battery. Plus, knowing your phone's secrets makes you a total geek, and that's pretty awesome.

Okay, that's enough chatter. Time to take a peek into the LG G4's service menu. To access it, you have to input the code 277634#*# into the dialer. And that's it! As soon as you tap on the second pound sign, a very Gingerbread-esque menu should appear. 

We should point out that the code was tested on an LG G4 with model number LG-H815. The code for accessing the service menu could be different on carrier-specific models of the phone.

Once in the LG G4's secret menu, you're free to explore every page and tool there is to tinker with. In Device Test, for example, you'll be able to test many of the hardware components inside your handset, including its sensors, cameras, and radios. ELT Test holds another set of hardware tests for the phone's LCD screen, camera, microphones, and speaker. Field Test is where various network settings and bits of information related to connectivity features is found. Interestingly, we also came across options for flashing firmware stored on the SD card, but we have yet to test whether these work or not.

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Before we go, we must once again stress that the LG G4's hidden menu contains settings that should only be changed by someone who knows what they're doing. Experiment with caution as flipping the wrong switch might cripple your phone. You've been warned!

reference: XDA-Developers

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