How often do you use the extra modes and settings of your phone's camera app?

Smartphone cameras are getting increasingly sophisticated, no doubt about that, to the extent that some phone makers started deliberately simplifying the smorgasbord of shooting modes in their camera apps, so that the user doesn't get lost in all the icons and features winking at them from the shooters' interface.

The recent trend, however, is to provide an ever-richer manual modes that allow you to adjust almost everything, down to exposure speeds, and that's in addition to the usual assortment of HDR modes, panoramas, filters, slow-mo videos, Live Photos, and the like. There are also plenty of phones now that can even shoot in RAW/DNG formats, for those demanding few that want every bit of detail to stay in their picture for post-processing later.

How often are we taking advantage of all that rich abundance of camera options, modes and effects that our phones offer, though, as opposed to just shooting in auto mode all of the time? That is what we wanted to ask you today, so take your pick in the poll below, and sound off in the comments.

How often do you use the extra modes and settings of your phone's camera app?

I shoot in auto mode most of the time
I sometimes play around with camera modes and settings
I use manual modes, effects or extra settings very often


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