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How much will that Nexus One and T-Mobile service really cost you?

How much will that Nexus One and T-Mobile service really cost you?
The folks over at BillShrink have taken a look at four of the most popular smartphones, including the iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre, Motorola DROID, and Google Nexus One to see what their total cost of ownership would be. This is computed based on the price of the phone and the price of monthly service. The Nexus One will cost $179 with contract and the unlimited calling, text and data plan will be $99/month. Add this all together for 24 months and you will get $2579, or if you go with the 1000 minute plan with unlimited data/text it's $2339. Comparable to this in price is the Palm Pre, which will set you back $2549 over 24 months with unlimited voice, text and 5GB data, or $2309 with 900 minutes. Up next is the iPhone 3GS and Motorola DROID, both of which will cost you $3799 with unlimited voice, text and 5GB data over 24 months, or $2839 with 900 minutes.

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source: BillShrink


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