How many apps for Windows Phone 7 at launch?

How many apps for Windows Phone 7 at launch?
Nobody has any clue as to how many applications will be available at launch for Windows Phone 7, with the exception of maybe Steve Ballmer.

They are taking an approach of quality over quantity, which can be looked at as a shot at the Apple iPhone’s app store and their full arsenal of fart applications. Or this can be looked at as a way to escape any scrutiny they might face if they only have a few hundred applications at the time of the newest platform’s launch.

Either way, does anybody really have any clue? There was a rumor that pegged the number of applications at launch to be in the neighborhood of 2000.

One comment obtained from a man at Microsoft by the guys over at Gizmodo is that “it will be more than the iPad at launch.” Well given that the iPad really only had around 350 specific applications for it at launch, that isn’t much. The phones have been announced, now we all just have to wait and see for ourselves.

source: Gizmodo

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