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Holiday Gift Guide EU 2009


It´s the middle of November and with the end of the year holidays drawing nearer most of us have already started thinking hard about what to give relatives and friends as presents. We tend to go window shopping, spend hours and hours wandering about, trying to take a pick from hundreds of options and come up with the best and most suitable gift for the special person... Just to end up feeling like screaming “Aaaaaargh, why me?”

The truth is that choosing the best present involves some serious thinking and knowledge of several things. First off, you need to know the person well and whether or not they really need what you are to buy and present them with. Taking a proper decision is so much easier when we are aware of these two and their implications. Not to mention the chance of our planned surprise going over like a lead balloon is so much lower.

If you happen to think that a cell phone would be the best present for your special person, keep reading, this is just the right article to help you find your best option. Frankly, giving someone a cell phone as a holiday gift is rarely a bad move, so we have compiled a short guide of the handsets we believe are the cream of the crop in several major categories. No matter if your son texts at a speed of 400 texts an hour, your daughter has a thing for shiny gadgets with magic letters like Gucci, PRADA, D&G etc. on them, you wife happens to be senior corporate executive of a multinational company clinging to a paper diary or your mother-in-law badgers you about something four hours a day – we´ve got a solution for you.

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