Hit us, baby, one more time! Britney Spears releases a mobile game, because of course


What's the common denominator between Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and Britney Spears? Fame, stardom, and posh lives are a given, but also casual mobile games of questionable value that became unexpected hits

After Katy Perry Pop and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, we now get yet another game no one asked for - Glu's Britney Spears: American Dream. Just as you might imagine, it's centered around pop music and wants to take you on a nerve-racking journey from the bottommost stardom circles to the highest tiers of celebrities' lifestyle.

The premise of the game is simple: you are an aspiring artist that has a penchant for Britney's music as you don't know better. It so happens that you accidentally fill in for the Princess of Pop at a local gig and you get her attention. What ensues afterward is a wild ride through various snazzy outfits, shiny posh accessories, intense music battles with high-ranking rivals, and a soundtrack chockful with Britney's 90s and early 2000s hits. 

Your AAA mentor herself will guide you through this perilous process as she has recorded a handful of congratulatory phrases to raise your serotonin up once you come up with a #1 hit song. 

The end-game goal? Why, achieving this highest level of popularity and earning a mythical pop star status, of course! Sure, this will require you to invest lots of time and... real money. You were certain that the game has lots of in-app purchases, right? Worry not, Glu's totally not done with celebrity-themed freemium games: Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, and Gordon Ramsey-inspired titles are reportedly on their way. Better prepare!

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