Hey Google, the Pixel costs as much as an iPhone, so why doesn't it get 4 years of software updates?

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Let's suppose that in a couple of weeks' time I'd have some spare cash in my pocket, something along the lines of $650, and will be looking to buy a new phone at full retail price. Let's also suppose that I'd like to use that phone for at least 2 or 3 years, possibly more.

It won't take long before I narrow my options down to two devices - the iPhone 7, the base 32GB version of which will set me $649, and the Google Pixel, which also comes with 32 gigs right out of the box and also sells for $649.

What do I get for my money? OS differences, ecosystem, specs, and design aside, which phone will be a better investment in the long run? I know for a fact that Apple will keep my device up-to-date for around 4 years, ensuring that I receive the upcoming iOS iterations with all compatible features shortly after their public releases. This means I wouldn't be missing on any great new features even if I'm a cheapskate and refuse to get a new iPhone for the next couple of years.

How does Google answer that? Well, it is clearly stated right here at the bottom of the page that the Pixel and the Pixel XL will get merely "Two years of OS upgrade from launch" and "Three years of security updates from launch". This raises a giant red flag, at least for me. Truth be told, I suppose the Pixel will be perfectly capable of running Android versions well past this two-year period, but it seems that the Big G wouldn't let me experience its upcoming software if I don't upgrade to a newer device. 

As a customer, this is seriously tipping the scales in a certain direction for me, and let me tell you, it's definitely not in favor of Google.

This has worked for most Android manufacturers until now, but now that Google has re-entered the race as a mainstream device company, having some extended support for its brand new device lineup would have been a killer feature. Just imagine how nice it would have been if Google's Pixel lineup matched the iPhone in terms of software support - this would have added a whole new level of awesome to a phone that already features zero to none reasons for current Nexus 6P/5X users to upgrade.

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Speaking of Nexus users, I would probably be pretty infuriated if a future update of Android only brought lots of appealing software features and functionalities to specific Google-made phones only. "This won't happen," you might say, but just count the Pixel-exclusive features in the upcoming Android 7.1 and put yourself in the shoes of a regular Joe who paid a premium price for last year's Nexus devices. 

I would definitely not be happy, but that's just me.

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