Here's how to get e-mail pop-up notifications on Android

Here's how to get e-mail pop-up notifications on Android
Consider the built-in Android e-mail client. You get a new mail, and you're served a notification in the status bar. To reply, you have to expand your notifications (not so easy these days, with them 5'' flagships), click the message, read it, and then answer. That's a lot of steps, and it's definitely easier for you to miss an important e-mail, specifically if you receive a lot of notifications. There's a better way.

Enter Email Popup: Poppy -- a new and free app off the Play Store that does not require root. After configuring Email Popup, the app will, as promised, serve you popup notifications, and these are even actionable, meaning that you can reply, delete, or archive the message right on the spot, reducing the number of steps outlined above and ensuring that your boss's email gets to you ASAP. Email Popup: Poppy works with pretty much all e-mail service providers, and if you dislike the standard theme, there are a number of alternatives that you can even fine-tune.

Jump into the slideshow below to see how to set up and get it running.


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