Here is Apple's free app of the week, Shadow Bug

Every week, Apple takes a paid app and offers it to iOS users for free. This week's free app is a game called Shadow Bug. Game players get to be the ninja hero Shadow Bug, who is given the job of saving his home forest by cutting up evil monsters. And all of this is accomplished with the use of one finger, tapping on the screen.

Reviews for the game from the iOS community are very positive, indeed. According to the developer, the game includes:

  • Hand crafted levels filled with action, exploration and puzzles.
  • Memorable boss fights.
  • Mesmerizing art with picturesque parallax backgrounds and mystical silhouettes.
  • Breathtaking soundscape with an epic soundtrack and immersive sound effects.
  • Leaderboards for speedrunning levels.
  • A completely new take on platformer games.

You can check out a trailer showing the game in action, by clicking on the video at the top of the story. To install Shadow Bug on your iOS device, simply tap on the sourcelink.

source: Shadow Bug (iOS)


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