Here are the major US cities where Android is more popular than iOS (and vice versa)

With less than two hours to go before Apple kicks off WWDC 2014, we discovered an interesting chart that shows just how popular (or unpopular) iOS and Android are in major cities across the US. The chart is based on data gathered by Crittercism, a company (backed by Google Ventures, among others) that offers mobile application performance management solutions, monitoring app errors and performance.

According to Crittercism, Android is more popular than iOS in cities including San Antonio, Phoenix, Detroit, and Houston. El Paso, Dallas and San Jose seem to have users equally split between Android and iOS.

Apple’s iOS leads comfortably in some areas seen as tech hubs: San Francisco, New York, and San Diego. iOS is also the choice of more people in cities like Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Although this isn’t specifically mentioned, we assume that Crittercism took into account both smartphones and tablets when compiling this chart. Is anyone surprised by these findings? 

P.S.: the image seen at the beginning of the article shows Samsung's Galaxy S5 versus Apple's iPhone 5S

source: Crittercism via Re / code


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